Top 10 Vegan Recipes of 2017 (2024)

2017 - whew! Am I right!? What a whirlwind of a year. A fabulous whirlwind. Like a jacuzzi style whirlwind with jets and a glass of wine ... if that's a thing that exists. (That should totally be a thing that exists).

Every year at the end of the year it has been my tradition to share with you the top 10 vegan recipes of the year. You can also check out the top 10 vegan recipes for 2016, 2015, and2014. It's a fun little way to recap and remember 2017 for all the deliciousness it could muster. (Which was a LOT of deliciousness).

Top 10 Vegan Recipes of 2017 (1)


  • It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken broke a new record that I had dreamed of breaking but didn't really think it would happen for a long, long time. My blog now receives over 1 MILLION pageviews a month!! Yeah, I know. Crazy talk. That's more than double what my site received last year. Now that's a LOT of vegan recipe love.❤️
  • I released my first cookbook Fuss-Free Vegan which has been met with rave reviews from you! I love being tagged in all your pictures on Instagram and am continually blown away by all of the amazing 5-star reviews on Amazon. All my hard work paid off because, within a month of the release date, Fuss-Free Vegan is already getting a reprint, meaning what's out now is the first edition print! How cool is that?
  • I made my TV, radio, and public speaking debuts. With the release of Fuss-Free Vegan came a lot of press, and I mean a lot! I was on TV 7 times, on the radio well over 20 times, and did 5 public speaking events. The first few times were terrifying, but once I relaxed into it, I began having a lot of fun and now I suddenly have a burning desire to have a cooking show... Hey there Food Network, you in?

Honourable Mentions:

Because I do this wrap every year right at the end of the year, the recipes posted in December don't get much of a fighting chance to make it to the list. But if I were to edit the Top Vegan Recipes of 2016 list, I would now have to add my Stuffed Roasted Butternut Squash andPerfect Vegan Sugar Cookies which have both become very popular recipes on my blog, so if you haven't checked them out yet, take a look now.

Every now and then I also like to share non-recipe content on my blog, and you seem to love it because myHow to Swap This for That to Make it Vegan was a huge hit and helped many new vegans see how easy it can be. 50 - 5 Ingredient or Less Vegan Recipes, 25 Game-Changing Vegan Taco Recipes, 25 Vegan Holiday Main Dishes That Will Be the Star of the Showwere also popular posts.

And now for the drumroll please! The top 10 vegan recipes of 2017 are:


I LOVE when you request recipes because it's my goal to make vegan cooking, easy, fun, and totally delicious. After a poll on Facebook (which I run fairly often), it was clear that a lot of you missed cottage cheese. Now wrapping up the year, it's very, very clear that you wanted and fell in love my cottage cheese recipe. It quickly became a fan favourite and has wowed many.

9. Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup

KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid. Sometimes I almost feel guilty posting recipes such as this mushroom soup as it's just such an easy recipe. I have learned that I should never feel guilty posting simple recipes because you love simple recipes just as much as I do. Woohoo!! This mushroom soup recipe has been a hit with vegans and non-vegans. Some of you were scepticalabout the coconut milk used, but once you tasted it for yourself, you fell madly in love!

8. Quick Vegan Tofu Ricotta

Basics make the world go round. Well maybe not, but tofu ricotta is so easy to whip up and is perfect for layering into lasagna, pasta dishes, or anywhere that ricotta is used. Yes, it's made from tofu, and yes, it really is delicious.

7. Vegan Beet Burgers

This recipe was a remake of a beet burger I posted on my blog way back when I didn't know how to write a recipe and I would have incredibly vague instructions. Luckily, since then I have learned a lot about recipe writing and was able to tweak this recipe to not only be much more clear but make it easier and tastier. You approved.

6. Vegan Tiramisu

Ahhhh classics. Definitely not my easiest recipe on the blog, but sometimes a little fuss is worth it. Especially when espresso, cake, and cashew cream are involved. My favourite was when I served this to an Italian friend of mine and she couldn't believe it was vegan... well she did, but only because I was the one serving her.

5. Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower

I'm certainly not the first person to do a version of cauliflower bites, so I put off posting this recipe for a long time... like 2 years because I thought it had been soooo done. But gosh, I really do like my recipes the most sometimes, so I thought I should share with you the version I had been secretly perfecting over the years. I'm so glad I did. This taught me that just because something has been done a million times before, it doesn't mean that I can't share my own version.

4. Easy Vegan Jackfruit Tacos

Jackfruit the wonder fruit that looks and tastes like meat! How weird and by weird I mean delicious! The only thing that I don't love about jackfruit is that it can be difficult to find, but if you are able to lay your mitts on a couple of cans, it is oh so worth it!

3. Vegan Irish Stew

Rich, veggie-packed, hearty, beer-infusedstew... need I say more? No, I don't think I do.

2. The Best Vegan Chili Ever!!!

I'm so happy to see that my claims of this chili recipe being "the best" held up, but I can't say I'm surprised because it really is the best I have ever had. #biased. When I have a group of people visiting and want to make something ahead of time, this is a go to. Everyone loves it, vegan or not.

1. The Easiest (and most delicious) Vegan Cornbread

It was so interesting to see that my cornbread recipe only has about 8k shares yet was the most popular recipe of the year. Now that may seem like a lot to some, but my Vegan Irish Stew had 43k shares, and it's not unheard of for one of my recipes to reach over 100k shares. (I know, crazy talk). But what this cornbread recipe did have was super long average time spent on page. Meaning my most popular recipe this year isn't something that people were sharing, but it was something they were cooking! Now that's what I like to hear 😀

What a fabulous year! Thank you so much to all of you for sharing it with me, it's truly the best job I could ever dream of. Now I can't wait for 2018 where I will be sharing oh so many new vegan recipes and I also plan to hit YouTube hard by posting a brand new video every single week, so make sure to subscribe so you don't miss that.

Happy New Year and bon appetegan!


Top 10 Vegan Recipes of 2017 (2024)


What is the most popular vegan food? ›

Some of the most widely enjoyed vegan foods are legumes, nuts and seeds, chickpeas, and black beans. Nuts and nut butters are packed with nutrients.

What can I feed a vegan guest? ›

Your houseguest would most likely be happy with oatmeal or granola with almond milk and fruit for breakfast, nut butters, hummus, salads with beans, fruits and vegetables, and nuts for lunch, and grilled or sautéed veggies with a whole grain like quinoa are for dinner.

What can I cook for my vegan girlfriend? ›

Vegan meal for two recipes
  • Sticky noodles with homemade hoisin. ...
  • Pearled spelt salad with peas & gooseberries. ...
  • Grilled Mediterranean veg with bean mash. ...
  • Miso aubergine. ...
  • Marinated tofu. ...
  • Roasted cauli-broc bowl with tahini hummus. ...
  • Veggie noodles with sesame dressing. ...
  • Pumpkin, spinach & black bean dopiaza.


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