Bedroom Furniture - (2024)

Furnish your bedroom like a professional decorator

When you're searching for the essential components to furnish a bedroom for the first time, there are certain pieces that you'll definitely need. These include a bed, dresser or chest, and maybe a chair if there's room. However, that's only the basic setup. If you have room, you can also include nightstands, an additional chest or bureau for clothes and lighting. Thanks to our everyday low prices, you can furnish your bedroom the way you want no matter what your budget might be.

Beds, mattresses, headboards, and futons

The focal point of any bedroom is the bed itself. While the mattress is the most important piece when it comes to getting a good night's sleep, you need to determine what size bed you need for the space you have. The most important factor is being able to get the bed and mattress through the bedroom door. Then, you need to be able to move around the bed easily, especially with other furniture in the room. In addition, the mattress should be at least 3 inches longer than the tallest person who'll be sleeping in the bed. The standards for the most common mattress sizes are:

  • Twin 75 inches long by 39 inches wide
  • Double 75 inches long by 54 inches wide
  • Queen 80 inches long by 60 inches wide
  • King 80 inches long by 78 inches wide
  • California king 84 inches long by 72 inches wide

There are many types of beds available, with the most common ones being four-poster beds, platform beds, and sleigh beds. Keep in mind that each type of bed will be a couple of inches wider than the mattress in each direction, especially if it comes with a headboard and footboard. Four-poster beds have posts on all four corners of the bed and are best for bedrooms with high ceilings. Platform beds let your mattress rest on a flat surface without a box spring.

Sleigh beds tend to be more ornamental in nature, with distinct headboards and footboards, and they're often made from sturdy woods like oak and maple. Another version of the four-poster bed is the canopy bed, which has fabric that drapes from the sides and top of the bed. These are ideal for small spaces, living rooms, or secondary bedrooms and you can also select a futon as well. Futons function as beds and when you're not using them for sleeping, adjust to serve as a loveseat-sized chair. For kids' bedrooms, we also have bunk beds and loft beds available.

In addition to size, there's a wide variety of mattresses available, too. Options here include innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and filled-chamber mattresses. Innerspring mattresses are beds that have the most flexibility against your body through the wrapped metal coils that form the bed. Memory foam mattresses offer the least resistance thanks to the polyurethane core.

Latex foam mattresses fall between memory foam and innerspring mattresses in terms of buoyancy, but are the most microbial of the mattress types. There are also hybrid gel mattresses, which are a little softer than latex mattresses. For all types of mattresses, you can choose between plush and firm to add or subtract even more firmness to them. The choices range from between extra plush to extra firm. For overnight guests or temporary sleeping situations, there are air mattresses that you can sleep on after pumping them full of air. These usually just rest on an open space on the floor.


Dressers are virtually always made of hardwood like oak or cherry, although some inexpensive models are made of engineered wood, such as MDF, that has been lacquered and painted with a faux-wood grain. Dressers can be vertical or horizontal in shape and average between four and eight drawers. Some have legs and some rest directly on the floor. Dressers have a large flat area on the top that's ideal for setting lamps or your personal items, like a tray of perfume, a jewelry box, or a watch case on top. Some dressers, especially those that are longer than they are wide, also come with a mirror that attaches to the back of the dresser. Most are natural wood colors, but some are painted white, black, or gray, and you can also find plain-wood designs that you can customize with your own desired paint color. Dresser sizes are measured by width and range from less than 20 inches to 100 inches or more.


These small tables, which usually have a small flat area on top, a small drawer, and an open or closed storage area beneath, are ideal for setting next to your bed. Many people purchase two to have one on each side. These are ideal spots for keeping your cell phones and their chargers, eyeglasses, television remotes, small lamps, and necessary medications so that you have them close at hand. These are also mostly made from wood or fabricated wood, and can either match your bedroom furniture or serve as a contrast to your other pieces.

Other bedroom furniture

You can sometimes pair a bed, dresser, and nightstand as part of a bedroom set, and we have many available for you to consider. Other bedroom furniture pieces you may want to add to your bedroom include:

  • Vanities: These come with a desk with several drawers, a mirror, and either a bench or high-back chair. They're ideal for use while you're getting dressed and putting on makeup.
  • Benches: Usually placed at the foot of a bed, these serve both as additional seating and storage space. Some have hinged tops that allow you to access the storage space, similarly to trunks.
  • Armoires: These serve as freestanding closet space and they're ideal for rooms with no closets. They usually have an upper part for hanging clothes, protected by two doors, and a drawer or two beneath.
Bedroom Furniture - (2024)


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