45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (2024)

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (1)

Take a look at these beautiful bedrooms with stylish colour and pattern combinations, gorgeous furniture ideas and clever finishing touches.

Whether you're undergoing a big bedroom renovation, decorating a blank canvas, or need some fuss-free but impactful ways to update your space every season, we've compiled 45 bedroom ideas to hep you create your dream sanctuary.

When it comes to bedroom design, a few things to consider include the colour scheme (remember, bold can be as restful as neutrals as long as you keep to tones of the same colour), layout and space-saving furniture. If your bedroom is fulfilling multiple roles, such as being a sleeping and working space, find ways to zone it off, for example with a pretty screen or use a secondary colour to help define the different areas. You can personalise your space with bedroom decor that aligns with your theme, from Scandi to contemporary to boho-style.

Importantly, the bedroom is where you retreat to at the end of each day – we spend a third of our lives sleeping – so it makes sense to create an environment that's as calm and healthy as possible. Steve Adams, sleep expert at Mattress Online, agrees: 'As well as the overall aesthetic, you also need to consider the "sleepability" of your room. Keep the main purpose of the room in mind and you'll no doubt create a sleep sanctuary that you can enjoy night after night.'

These bedroom decor ideas will give you all the inspiration you need...

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Bedroom ideas: Summer sanctuary

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (3)

Here, a softly layered bed and curved bamboo screen (ideal for zoning when WFH) creates a simple yet elegant bedroom space. The cobalt blue table lamp and curtains, along with the cheery yellow pillowcases and muted pink headboard, adds vibrancy to an otherwise pared-back bedroom decorating scheme.

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Bedroom ideas: Turquoise trim

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (4)

This bedroom features a soft turquoise design with a grey trim on the bottom half of the wall followed around the entire room, contrasting with the crisp white upper half. Hang a large painting on the wall above the bed to create a calm and tranquil space.

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Bedroom ideas: Dramatic sophistication

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (5)

Dark grey walls with a dusky pink velvet bed, combined with rich timber tones and brass finishes on furniture, make for a wonderfully dramatic and sophisticated bedroom. The bay window offers an abundance of natural light and the indoor hanging egg chair provides an alternative spot to sit.

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Bedroom ideas: Layer up

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (6)

Layering tactile materials will add depth and interest to a bedroom scheme. This contemporary bedroom is proof of this, thanks to the dark wood flooring and industrial-style black pendant light, plus scrunchy linens and plentiful cushions in hues of dove grey, white and terracotta, which introduces grown-up comfort. The chunky rug gives warmth underfoot.

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Bedroom ideas: Boutique hotel-style

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (7)

There are two notable bedroom design features to discuss here. In what is quite a neutral bedroom scheme, a rich ochre fluted custom headboard becomes the focal point of the bed, layered with quilted bedlinen and double stacked decorative cushions. We're also fond of the wooden shelves used here to maximise space in an unused alcove – it also allows for a curated display of treasured possessions. The chunky wood shelf on the bottom adds a rustic touch to an otherwise contemporary bedroom.

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Bedroom ideas: Circular feature wall

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (8)

For a bedroom idea that's calming but still impactful, get creative with paint to make a feature wall, like this large circular wall design. This cheery, rosy hue brings a bright burst of joy into a room. It's a delicate, refreshing shade and a great alternative to other warm neutrals such as cream or beige. Importantly, it's soft enough to flatter a multitude of looks.

• Pictured: First Light 2102-70, Benjamin Moore

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Bedroom ideas: Earthy shades

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (9)

Deep forest and elegant olive combine with earthy shades of saffron, sage and terracotta in this wonderfully cosy bedroom scheme that's giving us major autumnal vibes. Layer up crumpled linen and chunky throws for softness and warmth. Don't neglect the walls either: graphic prints will give you the kind of natural balance that every serene sanctuary needs.

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Bedroom ideas: Grey alcove

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (10)

This is a comforting grey and white bedroom scheme. Storage is often limited in a bedroom – even though clutter should most definitely be kept to a minimum – but this bedroom design makes the most of alcoves and nooks to display decor and treasured pieces.

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Bedroom ideas: Midnight blues

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (11)

When it comes to your bedroom wall colour, deep blues have always had a confident yet calm authority. This blue bedroom is balanced with the white ceiling and lampshade, plus the white chest of drawers with brass knobs which add a stylish touch.

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Bedroom ideas: Simply rustic

A limited neutral colour palette is key to this rustic bedroom design. A bespoke panelled headboard cleverly opens out to enclose the bed or folds flat against the wall. Coastal-inspired artwork adds interest.

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Bedroom ideas: Modern lines

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (13)

White is the perfect foil for a pairing of yellow and pink, allowing the colours to sing out. A steel-blue upholstered bed acts as a cool contrast. Soft plaster pink works to sooth any brash tones for an overall calming bedroom.

More inspiration: 9 stylish ways to introduce ochre into a neutral space

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Bedroom ideas: Soothing pink & grey

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (14)

If you ever needed proof that pink and grey are a match made in heaven, then this is it. A stunning fabric depicting a mass of blowsy peonies provides a gorgeous backdrop for a bedroom scheme. Bedlinen and throws in soft, muted colours ensure the wallhanging has maximum impact.

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Bedroom ideas: Almost open plan

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (15)

This impressive renovated derelict barn has been transformed by a contemporary interior – not least in this innovative bedroom-cum-bathroom. A modern chandelier suspended above the freestanding bath helps to define the bathing zone.

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Bedroom ideas: Rich velvets

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (16)

The secret to a luxury, hotel-style bedroom? Pairing crisp whites with royal blue. The sumptuous, rich quilted upholstery envelops this elegantly curved headboard. Finish off the look with white woodwork, a brass side table, and a paler, herringbone-effect floor that reflects light up and around. The matching dramatic blue blind creates a sleeping space that is comforting and cocooning.

• Pictured: Grove Ottoman Bed Frame, House Beautiful Collection at Dreams

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Bedroom ideas: French style

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (17)

This French country style bedroom is easy to achieve. Combine minimalist, pared-back furniture, layer tactile furnishings, and add a touch of luxury. The ornate headboard and soft silk bed linen (which is widely recognised for its inherent beauty benefits) exudes a timeless elegance and adds a sense of grandeur. Team with wooden accents and raw, exposed materials (as seen here with the exposed ceiling) to create a rustic look.

• Pictured: Mulberry Silk Bed Linen by Gingerlily in Vintage Pink, The French Bedroom Company

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Bedroom ideas: Serene uplift

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (18)

A bedroom should be all about comfort, so invest in a tufted twist pile carpet for a fabulous feeling underfoot. This tan-brown carpet is the perfect colour to lift a neutral, pared-back bedroom scheme. The combination of lush greenery (plants can also enhance the quality of your sleep) with grey and burnt orange soft furnishings, is the perfect finishing touch to your bedroom sanctuary.

• Pictured: Sienna Twist Carpet In Marrakesh, House Beautiful collection at Carpetright

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Bedroom ideas: Raspberry touch

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (19)

Brighter shades such as raspberry work well with monochrome when decorating a bedroom. Try matching a bold wallhanging to plain bedding for a pop of colour.

More inspiration: 8 stylish ways to use pattern in your home

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Bedroom ideas: Restful linen

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (20)

For a restful bedroom idea, team a modern, white four-poster bed with grey and mustard yellow bed linen. Natural linen is the ultimate fabric for relaxed, laid-back living – enjoy its tactile versatility in a bedroom.

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Bedroom ideas: Nature-inspired

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (21)

Bring nature into your bedroom by tapping into greenery in all forms. From the forest green walls (contrasted with the crisp white ceiling) to filling empty corners with houseplants and botanical-themed wall art, this bedroom is a warm and inviting haven. The wooden headboard and bedside table grounds this bedroom scheme.

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Bedroom ideas: Go monochrome

45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (22)

Proof that black can work in a bedroom, the large expanse of dark walls up to picture rail height is contrasted perfectly with brilliant white continued onto the ceiling. Comfort is key here, hence the crisp white bedding and pillows, but this scheme allows for an eclectic finish thanks to the wall art and quirky cushions.

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45 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal (2024)


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