21 Outdoor Patio LED & Bistro String Lights Ideas | Sebring Design Build (2024)

21 Outdoor Patio LED & Bistro String Lights Ideas | Sebring Design Build (1)

Featured Image Source: Landscape Lighting Pro of Utah

It is not surprising that outdoor string lights are picking up momentum in patio and outdoor decor. String lights add an illuminated glow that is warm and welcoming – ideal for open-air entertaining on summer evenings. Moreover, they’re lightweight, convenient, and simple to hang. Also, there are solar string lights that run without electricity so that you can set the lights anywhere in the patio. Read on for a total rundown of our string lighting ideas for the patio, deck, porch, and beyond

If you can’t get over those delightful bistro lights sparkling in an outdoor party you just attended, it’s time to have your own! Firstly, utilize bistro lights to enrich your porch, terrace, or outside space to give these spots a fabulous makeover. Besides, outdoor or patio string lights are extremely a fantastic idea to light up your outside areas. Illumination is an excellent way to add a personal touch to your outdoor living space according to the experts of light up signs. Just follow your creative instincts. Most importantly, they are cheap and can be introduced effectively without anyone else’s input.


So, you and your loved ones want to go on a barbecue meal journey at night and have a fantastic time? These funny string lights will completely alter your summertime barbecues on the terrace. This outdoor patio was designed by Chelsea Design + Construction and will leave you feeling relaxed and at ease.


Need a spot where you and your pals may comfortably chat and relax? Every one of the lights is stunning, creating a relaxing ambiance. From Partylights.com, these are Medium Base String Lights. This beautifully crafted patio was created by Native Son Design Studio and is sure to please.


This is a masterpiece, accepted by everybody. Because of all the plants, everything appears so fresh and beautiful. Outdoor LED string lights completely transform the look of this metropolitan area after dark. Accents Lighting has done an amazing job with its design.


Because of the stunning ambiance that the string lights create, even an everyday meal or night spent barbecuing in this backyard will be elevated to a spectacular level. This brett zamore design backyard patio will give you the impression that you are sitting in an open-air restaurant when you visit it.


This patio has an authentic, high-end feel about it. It’s furnished with several types of chairs, a fire pit, and gorgeous Lighting. With the warmth of the fire and the soft glow of the string lights, this is the perfect place to spend an evening with family and friends. Fantastic patio layout by Yardscapes Northwest.


Have you ever seen a front yard patio that seemed unusually large? This is a perfect illustration of it! Gather your pals and relax in the great outdoors under the soft glow of these outdoor LED string lights in the front yard. Wow, Pedersen Associates outdid themselves with this beautiful patio.

Outdoor patio lighting is an interesting subject since all the typical alternatives like pendant lamps and chandelier don’t generally apply here. Thus, you need an alternate strategy to give brightening to open spaces, gardens, decks, patios, and other outside zones. As a result, bistro lights are surprisingly great at that. Moreover, they’re also flexible and versatile, which means you can make some extremely marvelous design themes with them.


Would you want to imagine that you are spending your evenings on a tropical beach? Check out this patio layout if you want to feel like you’re on vacation all year long. This beach-themed deck is transformed at night by paper lanterns and string lights. The Cousins outdid themselves with this beachy-looking deck.


Do you want your dining room to stand out as something truly exceptional? We’re eating in the backyard today! Everything appears to be of the highest quality and cost. Hanomoco Design has developed a patio outside to help you wow your guests during dinner.


Want a patio that looks ultra-modern, luxurious, and spacious? You need a great get-together with loved ones: a fire pit, a grill, and a table. There’s a nice visual harmony between the trees and the lights. This stunning patio was created by Randy Thueme Design Inc. – Landscape Architect.


How awesome is it that the proprietor constructed the table and hung the lights by hand? This farmhouse patio by Nick Noyes Architecture is very simple and relaxing because of how natural and uncluttered it is. Here, you and your loved ones may make wonderful memories.

Make Your Backyard Ready For Summer Nights With String Lights

Lovely summer evenings implore you to spend the night in your patio under the stars. You can without much of a stretch—and reasonably—overhaul your outdoor space just by including a couple of strands of bistro lights. Certainly, the comfortable vibe will have you and your family dining outdoors each day of the season.

Summer is a period for bringing enchantment out of the generally ordinary and enjoying a touch of whimsical feel. With those long, pleasant night times and the coming of companions anxious to open a bottle of wine under the stars, the outdoor patio is your probable hangout.

On the other hand, what’s a better approach to offer that previously mentioned enchantment than porch lighting fit for an endless summer of magic? Since they are simple, inexpensive, and easily accessible, bistro lights are the designer’s go-to. Certainly, these subtle adornments can give any space an instant mesmerizing beauty.

Above all, the best part is that there are probably endless varieties of string lights. From Edison bulbs to bobbing Chinese lanterns, basic or extravagant, the lights you string over your porch represent your inner summer soul. Ultimately, this means you are someone who knows how to entertain, as well as enjoy the glorious glow of string light installations.

Longer days and hotter evenings require a particular type of calm and quiet. Summer is the point at which the mood of the world backs off, and delights in things winter brutally denies.


It appears like it might have been plucked from a movie or TV show; that’s how inviting it is. What a warm and welcoming home for gathering with loved ones. This space is perfect for intimate parties. This Liquidscapes patio design is the definition of coziness.


This patio layout is stunning, and everyone can see its beauty. It’s great for getting together with friends and family for a barbeque. Home parties and barbecues will feel right at home on this tropical patio. Tropical patios like this one by Distinguished Pools are so lovely.


Dream of eating a romantic meal under the stars? This basic yet stunning patio design could easily be mistaken for one in the Mediterranean. Enjoy a warm and cozy family evening by turning on the string lights. Lindsay Hunter Design has created a beautiful patio with a Mediterranean feel.


Do you wish to convert your contemporary garden layout into a charming patio? Astounding beauty results from this patio’s vintage-style Lighting. Despite the little room, the setting is attractive and practical. That patio by Otto Architects LLC is adorable.

How To Plan Your String Light Installation

How about we start with a couple of tips for hanging outdoor string lights. Firstly, in case you intend to hang various strings and crisscross them, it may be simpler to do this if you take out the bulbs first. Before hanging your lights, you should search around and recognize any trees and existing surfaces that you can tie down them to. In addition, you ought to also mull over the power source. Do whatever it takes not to overthink this procedure. Typically, the least complicated arrangement is also the best. Meanwhile, read on to get more tips on how to hang patio string lights.

Initially, you need to measure your space. The initial step to an impeccable porch light plan is ensuring you know the dimensions of your space. After that, we prescribe drawing a rough sketch of the region where you intend to hang your lights and writing the measurements on your sketch for reference that you can use later. Moreover, this sketch will prove to be useful when you pick your hanging style, which we will talk about further in the following section. Also, part of what makes patio string lights so engaging is the regular curve formed by the strings. To ensure you have enough length to represent the swag in your light strings, include 2 – 6 feet of length to your estimations and buy strings that concur with those final numbers.

Finally, choose how you will hang your outdoor string lights. You can get inspiration from the list we provided below for your outdoor patio string lights. In addition, event spaces, café porches, and public squares are zones where you can find them in an assortment of styles and structures.


This patio layout is well admired for its elegance and beauty. This large terrace offers a clear view of the night sky. Indulge in some outdoor partying on this stunning Mediterranean patio—fantastic patio layout by Casa Smith Designs, LLC.


Putting up some lights and rearranging the furniture in an older home is a simple way to update the space. This patio design is from a Disney movie, and everyone can agree. Wow, Linn Gresham Haute Decor outdid themselves on this patio.


You may enjoy a lovely patio even if you have a modest outside area. This tiny nook appears cozy and inviting, with just a table and some string lights. The site is lush with vegetation, giving the impression that it is alive. Nanette Wong has created a delightful patio.


Do you want to impress your guests with an elegant and cozy patio space for your most private meal? This terrace is ideal for intimate nights with the people you care about. The string lights give this entire area an inviting and cozy appearance. What a gorgeous patio design by Lawlor Architects that features a transitional aesthetic.

Most Popular Patterns And Hanging Styles Of String Lights

  • The V-Pattern

The v-pattern is a flexible choice for any space. The pattern is genuinely simple to accomplish and doesn’t require same string lengths on two sides to look great. Most importantly, remember that the apex point of the V, where each side intersects bears the heaviness of the whole light string and ought to be tied down adequately to support the extra weight.

  • Square Or Grid

Hang porch lights in straight lines over the length and width of your area to make a grid, or make it simple by outlining only the edge of your space in a square shape.

  • X-Pattern Outdoor Lights

This pattern works particularly well in large spaces or zones that are square-shaped. In case you have many light strings, drape a few X’s in a row to make a diamond pattern. Above all, the outcome is a light show that seems elaborate but is very simple to accomplish!


This terrace looks so chic and costly, you could believe you’ve stumbled into a rooftop bar. Use this lovely garden for intimate gatherings. It’s fully equipped with a grilling countertop and a sink. The stranded illumination is also a big plus! The plan by Promised Path Landscaping, Inc. is fantastic.


This patio layout is beautiful and finished-looking, and we can all agree. A spot to relax after a swim, it is even close to a pool! Enjoy your nightcaps in style while lounging by the pool and basking in the glow of the string lights that decorate this terrace. Wow, UIC Homes outdid themselves with this one.

  • Zig Zag Or “W”

Zig Zag designs are a fun option when you need to include total illumination over your space but want a fascinating light structure. Meanwhile, this can be accomplished with one long light string or using various strings linked from end to end.

  • The Horizon Point

The horizon point design is like the V pattern wherein the light strings all meet at one point and fan out. On the other hand, the only difference is this structure requires more hanging areas opposite the focal horizon point.

  • Tent Or Maypole Design

The tent or maypole configuration includes different light strings secured in a spoke and wheel arrangement from one central point. This point, regularly either a post or shaft, should be solid enough to support the heaviness of various light strings and may need the help of a professional.

Other Creative Ways to Hang String Lights Outdoors

  • Under An Umbrella

Although you need not bother with an umbrella for shade around evening time, they do give an excellent spot to include some shining string lights. You can primarily string the lights around the edge of the umbrella, or for an additional pretty impact, line the inner area of the umbrella by following the seams of the umbrella.

  • Around A Tree

Wrapping trees with string lights is another incredible method to add some radiance into your outdoor area. Besides, you can keep things straightforward and wrap only one tree, or go wild and wrap various trees on your property. Attempt to stay with white lights to keep the look rich. Moreover, when the tree is wrapped, you can utilize the strings to hand extra components like signs, accents, or decor.

  • In A Gazebo

In case you have a gazebo or any shaded outdoor structure, you can utilize string lights to enhance it further. Firstly, you can try fixing the border of the structure with lights, or do a mix of edge and crisscross strings of light. Finally, based upon the type of your gazebo, you can utilize string lights both over the roof and on the sides of it.

  • On A Balcony

You don’t need to have a huge space to put some string lights. Interestingly, they work even on a small balcony. You can drape the lights along the balcony wall, or string them up around the roof of your balcony. In addition, you could also utilize them to outline your yard entrance by hanging them all around.

Most Common Types of Outdoor String Lights

  • LED Festoon Lights

These LED string lights outdoor are an extraordinary addition to any garden or patio, explicitly due to their sentimental and fantastic appeal. Additionally, they wonderfully make an inviting vibe when installed from a roof or hung around a dining or seating region.

  • Vintage String Lights

Do you want to give a rustic feel to your backyard or patio? Certainly, vintage string lights are your best bet. Also called Edison bulb lights, these string lights have remained to hold its distinctive and enchanting appearance for decades.

  • Lantern String Lights

With lantern string lights, you get the chance to make a one-of-a-kind lighting experience that is surreal. These lights seem like conventional paper lanterns but are produced using tarpaulin – a sturdy fabric-like material that can endure most seasons, even winters.

  • Colorful String Lights

Colorful and bright string lights are most common during holiday seasons like Christmas or Easter. Similarly, in case any of these unique events are approaching, feel free to invest in these string lights and welcome the happy occasion in your own stylish manner.

How To Choose The Best String Lights

The nice weather necessitates more time spent outside. Invest in ambient outdoor lights to keep the party going beyond the night. String lights in the garden or on a patio can lighten up a place and make warm nights more pleasant and festive.
String lights are available in a variety of designs, bulb kinds, and colors. Continue reading to learn about essential purchasing considerations and why the following selections represent some of the best outdoor string lights to level up your outdoor environment.

A single string light set may transform your outside area, whether you connect it to the railing of your balcony or deck or hang it beneath your cantilever umbrella or new pergola. They’re popular for summer weddings and showers, but brightening up your garden doesn’t require a special event. You may spend long peaceful evenings with friends and family beneath string lights, eating meals, and roasting marshmallows over the fire pit. Read on for our favorite picks, whether you’re searching for a simple and beautiful set with frosted globes or antique bulbs or festive palm trees or pineapples for a party.

What To Consider

You might be shocked at how much information you need to know when purchasing outdoor string lights. Decide whether you want incandescent or LED lights after calculating the distance you need to cover.If there isn’t an available outlet and you don’t want to deal with an extension cable, a solar- or battery-powered set is your best choice. When a single set isn’t enough, you’ll want the option of an end-to-end connection, but keep in mind the maximum wattage and the number of sets that may be linked together.

Next, consider the number of lights per strand—and how far apart they are set, which can range from several inches to three feet or more. Finally, consider aesthetics: Cords are available in various colors, and bulbs range from vintage-style Edison to frosted globes to novelty, all made of glass or “shatterless” plastic.

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