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Starting a reselling business can be challenging. One of the very best ways to accelerate the process is to tap into the reselling community on YouTube. There are some awesome content creators out there that will help you expand your knowledge and make more money.

In a business where there are no coworkers, it can get lonely quite often. Watching videos, or just listening to them can help you sharpen your reseller skills and provide some background noise when it gets too quiet.

This post is a round up of the best of the best resellers out there. Enjoy!

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15 of the Best YouTube Channels for Starting a Reselling Business:

Shed Flips

Lonnie’s channel is one of my favorites. He makes daily videos from “the shed” about what he’s buying and selling. He’ll give you lots of ideas for things to buy and sell that you might not ordinarily think of. He’ll even show you his shipping process, which is super helpful. His wife Candice has recently quit her job, and now works full time with him.

You can also see his garage sale & sourcing trips on his other channel, Garage Flips.

He also does a podcast with John, the Cincinnati Picker, called Guys Without Jobs. You can check out the podcast here.

Prime Time Treasure Hunter

Dominic is a neuropsychologist who has a reselling hustle on the side. He works lots of late nights and weekends, but somehow manages to get so much done.

He’s always filling his channel with interesting information about buy and selling collectibles and other niche items. If you want to hone in on the topic of collectibles, he is your guy!

Not only does he work a full time job and make awesome YouTube videos, he also does interview with great guests. AND he is a Facebook group too! He’s super interactive with the group, and you should totally check it out!

Nic & Andrea Hills

This couple is a dynamic duo! They are the first resellers that I watched from the UK. What they sell is not all that different from American resellers.

I find it interesting to see how people operate in other countries. I’ve so enjoyed their channel.

College Picker

Eric is contract pharmacist who is also a reseller, but most of all, he’s an adventurer.He shares so much more than reselling on his channel. His videos are a bit sporadic, but they are packed with value. He shows you how to buy high value brands and make the most bang for your listing buck.

He is also very frugal, and I can definitely appreciate that :). He recently paid off his student load debt and shared that journey as well. You’ll find more of his day to day life on Instagram, so go follow him there. He has been making other videos lately, like tutorials, but he has so many older videos that are still valuable.

Thrift Mine

Ryan and Pam are a couple that I learned about recently and I’ve really enjoyed watching their videos. They are fairly new to the reselling scene, from what I understand. They also work full time jobs and resell on the side.

Go check out their dollar domino challenge where they are attempting to turn $1 into $1000.

Craigslist Hunter

Pete is a picker from way back. He has a huge wealth of knowledge. In his videos, he records customers coming into this buy/sell/trade brick and mortar store. You can watch the deals go down in real time.

Pete will show you those unique items to buy and sell for big profits. Then you can gain the courage to step out on a limb and buy something you would ordinarily leave on the table. The Craigslist Hunter ebay store is a great place to learn about higher dollar items to resell.

Thrift Nice

Carly is a girl after my own heart. She’s used her reselling income to fund vacations and to get her family out of debt. She is a homeschool mom of 3 young boys, and she knows a thing or two about how to balance life and reselling.

She is originally from the UK and lives in the Nashville area now. She sells primarily clothing on ebay, Poshmark & Etsy. In fact, it is because of her that I got the courage to open an Etsy shop. Go check out her channel!

Ralli Roots

If you have been watching reseller channels, you’ve most likely heard about Ryan & Alli Roots. They are a fun couple who run their reselling business from their warehouse in Florida, along with help from their employee Callie.

They do a lot of garage sale ride alongs and hauls. They also talk about buying and selling wholesale merchandise. They are both a lot of fun and have bubbly personalities.

Ginger Marvin

What to buy to resell is that one thing most resellers worry about. We know that if we increase our knowlege of things to sell, the more opportunities there will be for us to make money.

On their YouTube channel, Chris and Cathy share what they’re buying and selling on multiple platforms. I have learned so much about shoes and clothing from them. If you like videos about pulling daily orders, their channel is for you!

Hart Pickers

Ronnie Hart is the guy to follow if you want to sell high end men’s clothing. He knows the brands to pick to make the big bucks, and he’ll teach you how to. He has so much knowledge about suits and sport coats. Prepare to be amazed!

His videos are informal, like he’s chatting with an old friend. He interjects a lot of knowledge in these videos though, you are sure to learn a lot.

Hustler Hacks

If you want to get into flipping sneakers and jerseys, Glen is the guy you need to follow. He regularly makes videos about the shoes and clothing he finds at Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, etc., and how much he sells items for on ebay.

Glen works in his family’s graphic design business, plus he has an ebay business, a Merch by Amazon Podcast and YouTube channel, among other things. He has used this imcome to pay of debt. His sotry is really inspriting.

Wade’s Ventures

Wade is one of the most encouraging guys on YouTube. He is always upbeat and so helpful! He is a real asset to the reselling community.

He buys a lot of storage units at auction and shows you everything he pulls out of them. It’s really interesting to see the ins and outs/ wins and losses of the entire process. Follow him to see what he finds next!

Resale Rabbit

John is a fun guy who is always coming up with interesting video topics. He used to travel a lot buying to sell on Amazon, but I think he is only selling on ebay now. He has opened up my mind to some of the more unusual things to buy and sell.

John has purchased pallets and storage units too. You just never know what he’ll be up to next, so go check him out!

The Old Paths

Caleb is a newer YouTuber, and he’s one half of the 2 Old Guys Reselling Podcast with Chris, the Old School Picker.

He and his wife pick together and homeschool, so we have a lot in common. He has awesome organization skills, something that is super important to the health of your reselling business. You’ll not find any trick shots, just good, solid advice.

The eCommerce Mom

I saved the best for last, my very own YouTube channel! 🙂Shameless plug, I know. I’m not able to upload new videos regularly right now, but I’d love for you to subscribe.

Bonus Channel: Commonwealth Flipper

Kevin is an amazing Youtuber, and his channel is my current favorite. He is a history teacher turned resellers, and always has an interesting topic. His family is involved in the business, at is mine, and I think that’s one of the reasons they are so endearing to watch.

In my opinion, Kevin has some of the best looking Youtuber merch, as far as resellers go. If you want to make your own merch, it’s super easy with Etsy and a Printful store.

I hope that you’ve found this post helpful. I am always looking for more channels to follow.

As always, keep in mind that you need to take everyone’s advice with a grain of salt. Whoever you choose to watch, make sure that they are actually doing what they say they’re doing.

You won’t find the Daily Refinement ebay store anymore because he is no longer allowed to sell there. Can you still take advice from him, and others like him? Some will, stating that the principles are the same on any platform, but some won’t because of him not being allowed to sell there. There are two sides to every story. It’s up to you to vet the people whom you are taking advice from.

Who do you enjoy watching on YouTube? Leave their channel name in the comments below.

15 of the Best Reseller YouTube Channels - The eCommerce Mom (2)
15 of the Best Reseller YouTube Channels - The eCommerce Mom (2024)


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